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Do You Need a Medical Expert Witness? We Can Help!

Do You Need a Medical Expert Witness? We Can Help!

Dr. Steven Grossinger, with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Springfield, Pennsylvania, is a pain management specialist who’s treated thousands of injured patients in his career.

For those patients whose injuries have resulted in litigation, Dr. Grossinger has also used his extensive training and experience to evaluate and document their cases and provide testimony on their behalf.

Detail-oriented in his approach, Dr. Grossinger analyzes and integrates facts relating to a person's injury. In establishing a diagnosis, cause of injury, and a patient’s capabilities and limitations, he considers many factors, such as medical history, examination, and test results. 

Dr. Grossinger creates narrative reports that are persuasive and he also testifies under cross-examination to help establish evidence.

Do you need a medical expert witness?

Who is a medical expert witness?

A medical expert witness is usually your treating physician with the experience and skills necessary to testify on a specific medical subject. Nurses, surgeons, and other licensed practitioners can also serve as medical expert witnesses. 

Attorneys often use medical experts in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

The benefits of a medical expert witness

Courts often call on medical expert witnesses to testify to facts directly related to their professional experience in personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits.

A medical expert witness might be asked to testify on such issues as standards of care, the cause of injuries, and the long-term effects of medical conditions.

Case preparation

An effective medical expert witness can add value throughout the litigation process, not just when they testify in court. 

Before proceeding with a lawsuit, attorneys might use the findings of an expert witness to assess the merits of a case. As your case progresses to discovery and trial, expert analysis and testimony are also crucial.

Evidence gathering

The goal of presenting expert testimony is gathering evidence. Having testified as an expert witness in hundreds of cases, Dr. Grossinger has decades of experience collecting and presenting evidence. 

His detailed evaluations can provide compelling testimony in cases involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neurological damage. 

Insurance assistance

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for insurance companies to argue that injuries suffered in an accident aren’t the result of the accident. In these situations, medical experts can be beneficial. 

Your medical expert witness can show that your injuries resulted from the accident. It’s the obligation of the victim, or the plaintiff, to prove that the actions of others caused their injuries. You can meet this burden of proof with the help of an experienced medical expert witness.

Proof of injury

A lawsuit must prove not only a cause-and-effect relationship but also damages. Filing a lawsuit because of your injury doesn’t automatically entitle you to compensation.

You have to show a judge or jury that you lost income or other money due to your injuries. It’s possible to prove this by presenting evidence of your medical bills or time missed from work. 

A long-term injury may also require you to prove that you need ongoing care or that you have a permanent disability that prevents you from working. Dr. Grossinger can help you confirm these claims, providing credibility to the facts of your case.

To verify injury claims, you must secure the skills of an expert medical witness such as Dr. Grossinger.

We’re on your side

At the practice of Steven Grossinger, DO, our professionals gather details, test results, and records from treating medical providers, which are compiled into a persuasive and comprehensive report.

To help us better understand your injury or physical limitations, we may conduct an in-office or telemedicine evaluation.

If you have a case involving persistent pain or neurological issues, Dr. Grossinger is the expert witness you need on your side. Call the office nearest you today or request a consultation online.

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