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Pain Management Physician & Neurologist located in Wilmington, DE & Springfield, PA

If you struggle with chronic pain, electromyography (EMG) may get to the root of the problem. At his practice locations in Wilmington, Delaware and the Philadelphia area, Dr. Steven Grossinger, uses EMG testing to diagnose nerve problems. As a trained and experienced Neurologist, Dr. Grossinger can perform testing and interpret the results. He identifies underlying nerve disorders that may be responsible for your pain and delivers personalized treatment plans to resolve your symptoms. Let Dr. Grossinger help you explore your options for nonsurgical care. Call the office today to speak with a friendly team member or request an appointment online.


What is EMG?

Electromyography (EMG) identifies problems with your muscles and nerves. This diagnostic procedure checks for nerve or muscle dysfunction. If your chronic pain is linked to a nerve problem, EMG testing can guide your treatment strategy. 

EMG results are interpreted by Dr. Steven Grossinger, which help him choose effective treatment options. He will conduct neurological and musculoskeletal examination including assessment of your strength, sensory perception, reflexes, and coordination. 

Dr. Grossinger integrates the history you provide and insights from diagnostic evaluations, such as EMG and MRI testing, to guide his recommendations for your treatment options. 

Do I need an EMG procedure?

Dr. Grossinger may recommend EMG testing if you have symptoms that indicate abnormal nerve function, such as:

  • Neck or back pain
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Pain or cramping
  • Pain that spreads into your arms or legs

EMG testing helps Dr. Grossinger to target the source of your pain. EMG results play an important role in determining your treatment strategy.

What happens during an EMG procedure?

Prior to performing the EMG test, Dr. Grossinger discusses your symptoms and factors that may contribute to your complaints. This includes details of your general medical history, level of activity, or traumatic events that may contribute to your complaints. 

During the procedure an experienced nerve conduction technician will measure the pattern, speed, and size of nerve and muscle responses, assessing overall and individual nerve function.

Dr. Grossinger will conduct a computerized analysis of your muscles, documenting the pattern of abnormalities. There are generally no side effects of the testing. Most patients can return to their daily activities following the procedure.

What guidance will I receive after my EMG?

Dr. Steven Grossinger will analyze the results of the EMG testing and discuss diagnoses and options for further evaluation and treatment. 

Let Dr. Grossinger provide the expert care you need. Call the office today to speak with a friendly team member or request an appointment online.