Expert Witness

Steven Grossinger, DO

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Dr. Steven Grossinger combines his extensive training and experience when evaluating, documenting, and testifying for cases in litigation. Throughout his career, he has evaluated and treated thousands of people who have been injured. He uses his detail-oriented approach to analyze and integrate facts relating to a person’s injury. Dr. Grossinger considers a person’s history, examination, test results, and medical records to establish diagnosis, cause of injury, capabilities, and limitations. He prepares narrative reports that persuasively “connect the dots” of an individual’s injury. He testifies under cross-examination, helping to establish the facts of a case. To learn more about this process, call the Wilmington, Delaware, or the Philadelphia area office today or request an appointment online.

Expert Witness Q & A

What is a medical expert witness?

A medical expert witness plays a crucial role in personal injury cases. Lawyers rely on the help of an expert witness when preparing a case for their client. An expert witness can reach conclusions and understandings that the untrained individual cannot.

Medical expert witnesses help lawyers build the credibility of their case. The right witness can help judges and juries understand the medical facts. Medical expert witnesses also explain the long-term impacts of various injuries.

Dr. Grossinger has decades of experience testifying in countless cases, as an expert witness. His detailed assessment of the circumstances of an injury provides compelling testimony in a wide variety of cases involving trauma to the brain, spine, and nervous system. 


Do I need a medical expert witness?

Medical expert witnesses play an important role in assessing and documenting the extent of injury during litigation regarding an injured individual. The expert clarifies issues that may include cause of injury or the presence of malpractice.

Medical experts help attorneys understand the scientific details of a court case. The opinions of a medical expert witness often affect the outcome of a trial or settlement.

Does Dr. Grossinger prepare narrative reports for legal cases?

Yes! Often it is necessary to have the details, test results and records from treating medical providers integrated in a comprehensive and persuasive report. Dr. Grossinger has extensive experience in preparing narrative reports and permanency assessments. An office or telemedicine evaluation may be conducted to update a patient's status and with the report preparation, to clarify extent of injury and physical limitations, in preparation for litigation. Consider Dr. Steven Grossinger as an expert witness for cases involving persisting pain and neurological diagnoses.