5 Lifestyle Habits That Can Lead to Chronic Back Pain

5 Lifestyle Habits That Can Lead to Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention. Although the root of your back pain may be an injury or a degenerative spine condition, there’s a good chance your lifestyle habits also are making your pain worse.

Spine specialist Steven Grossinger, DO, with offices in Wilmington, Delaware, and Springfield, Pennsylvania, specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic back pain so you can stay healthy and physically active.

Dr. Grossinger offers a wide range of therapies for chronic back pain, including epidural injections, physical therapy referrals, and cutting-edge regenerative medicine using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells.

He can also recommend lifestyle changes that support your long-term spine health. Here are five healthy habits you can adopt now:

1. Mind your posture

If you slouch or spend too much time hunched over your phone, you may pay for it in the long run. Poor posture contributes to chronic back pain because of the strain it places on your spine and the muscles that support it.

Sit or stand up straight with your head forward and your shoulders relaxed. Also, be aware of how much time you spend bent over your phone and other electronics.

2. Eat a healthier diet

What you eat truly does matter when it comes to your long-term health, including maintaining a healthy weight.

Being overweight or obese is bad news for your back because of the unnecessary pressure it puts on the bones and soft tissues in your spine. We can recommend ways to lose weight safely and keep it off for good.

3. Keep moving

As a society, we spend a lot of time at our desks and not enough time being physically active.

Regular exercise is necessary for weight maintenance. Getting at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day helps keep your back muscles strong and blood circulation healthy.

4. Change up your footwear

Women who frequently wear high heels may be wearing out their spines prematurely. This shoe style can change the tilt of your hips and take your spine out of alignment.

While it's OK to wear high heels on occasion, you can lower your risk for spine issues and back pain by opting for more comfortable shoes that fit well and provide good support.

5. Stop smoking for good

Smoking cigarettes weakens your blood vessels, which might not be able to supply enough blood to support your spinal structures. This habit can increase your risk of arthritis and other degenerative spine conditions, leading to back pain and reduced mobility.

If you need help quitting smoking or aren’t sure what else you can do to prevent back pain, our team can recommend strategies to improve your spine health. We also offer customized treatment plans to help you achieve long-lasting back pain relief.

Call the office of Steven Grossinger, DO, near you today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for chronic back pain.

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